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Buckets & Spades

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This is the first of a three-piece series that celebrates “A Day at the Seaside” in the 1960s when most people still travelled by train. Issued in 2009 during the global recession when UK seaside holidays were enjoying a resurgence. Shop owner Sandy Shore is a play on Sandie Shaw, who was the first Briton to win the Eurovision Song Contest with “Puppet on a String” in 1967.

 St Albans Street, Weymouth

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Hazle Ceramics
Buckets & Spades
Limited Painting of 50
on Sidmouth

 Fruit-flavour Blackpool rock. Lettering takes 5-10 years to master and two people to make!

£135 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 One of the last UK Punch & Judy shows with glove puppets. Weymouth owner Mark Paulton met The Queen at the beach on her 2009 visit to the area.

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A Postcard From Hazle
“Excitedly anticipated for days, a day at the seaside (in my case Bangor, N Ireland) making sandcastles, playing on the beach with bright plastic balls or running into the waves was the highlight of our summer holiday. In the town we ate pink Bangor rock, bought a comic, a postcard for Aunt Lilly, a souvenir for Gran and a brooch for Mum. Then we walked along the prom with a 99 ice cream or bag of chips before catching the train home, nursing our sunburn.”

tin bucket 1950s-60s

 Since 1894 postcards have been seaside souvenirs. 1930s-80s saucy cards are now collectable. Currently scenic views or images of popular culture are in vogue.

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