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Camping & Outdoor Centre

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Hazle Ceramics
Camping & Outdoor Centre
Very Rare: Altered Mould of 30
on Epping: Petshop Mould 1997-2001
Pet Items remodelled as flags, foliage
& camping kit plus Scout fleur-de-lys &
trefoil logo as below - just for this AM30
Designed by Linda Murphy for Hazle’s 10th
Anniversary 2000 the certificate comments
“As a mother of 3 boys you can guess what
Linda spends most of her free time doing!”

 The survival kit Scout Centenary Swiss Army Knife with their 2007 motto, “One World One Promise”.

Scouts & Guides
The Scouts were begun by Robert Baden-Powell on Brownsea Island, Dorset in 1907. A camp of 20 boys were taught outdoor practical and survival skills. Girl Guides started in 1910. There are now nearly 40 million members in 216 countries. This centre stocks uniforms for scouts, guides and similar groups.

 The central flag with a crown and “God Save The Queen” dates this A E Batchelor photo to The Coronation in 1953. In the mid-1930s Batchelors bought this 1600s former Epping farmhouse, adding camping and clothing lines for The Great Outdoors!

Only 1 Retired Ceramic

£85.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Camping at Barleylands Farm where Hazle works!

 Baron Baden-Powell.

 Fell walking in the UK’s scenic Cumbria.

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