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Chandlery by the River

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Issued in 2011, this 1500s property is below in situ on the period High Street. Regularly known as Upton under Severn due to flooding, the town has a pretty, busy marina where tourists also enjoy river trips. Main windows are filled with boating paraphernalia. Upton has Water, Jazz, Blues and Folk Festivals annually. Naturally you can buy your tickets here!

 The real-life building is currently home to John Goodwin, Estate Agents.

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Hazle Ceramics
Chandlery by the River
Limited Painting of 200
on Upton-upon-Severn

£49.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 This cruiser stern above is open, so more people can stand or sit outside in good weather. A traditional closed stern narrowboat is on the ceramic.

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 View of Upton Marina and narrowboats.

This distinctive design is built to fit the narrow canals within England and Wales. The term refers to original working boats from the 1700-1900s for transporting goods. This name is extended to the latest narrowboats which are both recreational and lived in as homes. Their modern build is an interpretation of the older crafts. Since the late 1800s, it has been a tradition to paint roses and castle motifs in and outside these vessels!

 Upton has lovely timber-framed buildings including this one in the centre.

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