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Christmas Chantry

These decorations make this a homely place to spend Christmas! This cottage was once owned by Christopher Martin, The Mayflower’s treasurer, provisioner and passenger governor for 33 of the 66 day sailing to the US Cape Cod in 1620.

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Hazle Ceramics
Christmas Chantry
Limited Painting 80 with added snow
The actual piece seen above is for sale
on Billericay

 Now the Kosthuree restaurant, in 1920 Billericay’s 61 High Street was nearly sent to the US! Dated 1367, it was rebuilt in 1510 not 1501 as shown above right. This former Chantry House had a private chapel. Chantries were monetary trusts for priests to sing masses for the dead, ended by King Edward VI in 1547.

£55.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 St Nicholas put gold in girls’ stockings so they could marry, starting a tradition!

 Porch of St Mary Magdelene in nearby Great Burstead where Martin was once church warden.

 Stained-glass Mayflower window from Great Burstead Church, left. From c500AD this was the area’s Mother church. In 1342 Billericay had a Chantry Chapel, now lost, and only got a Parish Church in 1844.

 Martin married widow Marie Prower at Great Burstead, 1607.

 Christmas trees were first introduced into the UK by Queen Charlotte in 1761.

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