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Colman’s Fish & Chips

Hazle first saw Colman’s winning Local Food Hero 2008 on TV with celebrity chef Gary Rhodes. From a beach hut in South Shields, the family moved to Ocean Road in 1926. All food is best, fresh quality, with local sustainable wild fish and seafood. There is solar electricity, a GM-free policy and additive-free frying oil becomes biofuel.

 Hazle’s model shows the right hand side of Nos 176-186 in this Edwardian terrace on Ocean Road.

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Hazle Ceramics
Colman’s Fish & Chips
Limited Painting of 20
on South Shields

The modern Fish & Chip shop is above left. The red stained glass fish over the door is in the real restaurant. Windows are by Christine McAllister.

 Colman’s modern fish and chip shop today.

 1934 frontage as seen on the model.

£89.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Colman’s has won Les Routiers Sustainable Restaurant 2013, a Certicate of Excellence from Trip Advisor and many other awards.

 A great-grandparent at the beach hut, 1905.

 A meal in part of the large and busy restaurant.

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