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Conquest House

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No 17 is the second of three models from Palace Street, Canterbury. It is said to be where King Henry II’s four knights from London lodged before murdering Archbishop Thomas Becket inside Canterbury Cathedral in 1170.

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Hazle Ceramics
Conquest House
Open Edition
on Canterbury Conquest

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 Behind the half-timbered, much carved Tudor facade is an 1100s Norman undercroft.
 The casket for witness Abbot Benedict to take some Thomas relics to Peterborough Abbey, c1180. The murder is on the front with the funeral on lid.

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Thomas Becket 1118-1170
Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 to his death and revered as saint and martyr, he clashed with King Henry II over the rights of the Church and the King uttered a desire to be rid of him. Four knights took this very literally and killed Becket after he refused to submit to the King’s will. Eyewitness accounts of the murder are gruesome. In 1174 Henry did penance at St Thomas’s tomb.

 Hanging sign with one knight.

▼ St Thomas Cathedral window.

 The Martyrdom where Thomas died.

 A 1951 film poster of the 1935 poetic drama.

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