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Cooke’s Pies & Mash

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Founded back in 1862, Cookes are the oldest surviving Pie & Mash shops in London’s East End. These began as Eel & Pie shops in the 1700s. In Victorian London some 600 piemen walked the streets. They rowed very early to Billingsgate Fish Market by the Thames for eels. Long a staple food for poor Londoners, eel pies had to be sold on the day of baking.

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Hazle Ceramics
Cooke’s Pies & Mash
Limited Painting of 30
on Pateley Bridge 1
With added awning

 Pie & Mash shops are in revival. The pie here is served with mashed potato and green liquor, aka parsley sauce! There are veggie pies too.

An APoB Exclusive

 The Pateley shopfront and bay window that inspired two models from this town.

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With Free Postage

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 50 Hoxton Street cafe, London E8.

 Hoxton Street Joe is one of many Cookes dating back to 1862.

 The F Cooke shop at 19 Broadway Market in London E8. There is a tank of live eels in the left window, now a rare sight anywhere!

 No 50’s counter. Eel bones were once spat out - so sawdust is still on the floor!

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