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The Dickens Museum

Launched in 2003 at the Museum with the late Cedric Charles Dickens, great grandson, plus 50 Hazle collectors. The latter included a US Dickens Fellowship member who suggested creating this model. Dickens lived here from 1837-39 and finished serialising The Pickwick Papers, whose success had enabled him to move there. He also published full serials of Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby.

 These rural escapades involve members of the Pickwick Club. Left is Samuel Pickwick with landlady Mrs Bardell who sues him for breach of promise to marry. He then pays her legal fees to stop her going to jail!

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Hazle Ceramics
Dickens Museum
on London Dickens
50 signed by Cedric Charles Dickens great grandson

 Built circa 1795, 48 Doughty Street in WC1 was bought by the Dickens Fellowship in 1923 and saved from demolition. This atmospheric museum is the only London home of Charles still left.

Dickens was a fierce critic of social injustice. Both of these early novels brought about major reforms. 

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Charles Dickens 1812-1870
After some schooling in Kent, Dickens’ father was sent to the Debtors’ Prison at Marshalsea.So in 1824 Dickens was sent to work at Warren’s boot-blacking factory to help his family. From 1825-7 he had more education and in 1827 became a law clerk, then a political sketch writer from 1834. The Pickwick series began in 1837, the year he also wed Catherine Hogarth. She bore 10 children before Dickens left her in 1858, to her great sadness.

 Cedric helped rescue The George and Vulture Inn. Charles knew this as Thomas’s Chop House,

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