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Easter Chocolate Shop

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Like many early models this has features from several buildings in Colchester. The three properties shown here that Hazle used are near each other. Issued in 1991, the second year of Hazle Ceramics, she set out to create a pretty piece. Hardly any other themes were painted on this model.

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Hazle Ceramics
Easter Chocolate Shop
on Colchester Dutch Quarter

 This first floor bay window is very similar to the ceramic’s. So is the Venetian window above it, popular in Georgian times from 1714-1820. In West Stockwell Street, this Georgian house is within the Dutch Quarter.

Rare mauve Easter version
The rear sticker describes a “curious combination of styles”. The sweeping steps, flower beds and tubs plus the trailing wisteria all add to the charm and appeal!

 Maidenburgh Street in the old Dutch Quarter, where Flemish weavers once lived. The model’s ground floor jettied windows are similar to the 1500s green cottage.

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 Chocolate is an apt theme for something that has a “chocolate box” facade. Often a part of courtship, its feelgood effect is due to the raised serotonin!

 Treetops in the cottages above are from Castle Park with this lovely boating lake.
 The model’s attic windows can be viewed on the top floor at 59 High Street close to the Castle - and in the Dutch Quarter too.

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