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The Fishmonger

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The theme follows an Open Edition on Colchester High Street 1990-97 and the 10th Anniversary LP30 Friendly Fisherman on Canterbury Bakery in 2000. In addition to lots of cats outside, this Fishmonger has a Marine Broker upstairs, buying and selling new and used boats, plus moorings.

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Hazle Ceramics
Fishmonger &
Marine Broker
Limited Painting of 20
on Chester

 The fresh shellfish counter.

An ancient food is now under threat with slow growing late breeders most at risk. The Marine Stewardship Council and Friend of the Sea certify sustainable fisheries that also don’t damage ecosystems. Big predator fish higher up in the food chain have been depleted in wild fisheries. “Fishing down the food web” targets species lower down. Many fishing boats now pursue the smaller forage fish like anchovies, herrings and sardines to help maintain better levels of biodiversity.

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 Fishing on Jurassic Coast.

 Fishmonger by F D Bedford, Book of Shops 1899.

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