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Flower Power

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This model was issued in 1990, the first year of Hazle Ceramics. Real High Street florist “Talking Flowers” was a starting point, with features from other Maldon shops as well. Flower Power began in Berkeley, California in the late 1960s as a symbolic act of protest against the Vietnam War.

 The model’s bay window and rounded frontage are here. Its pitch roof and dormer window plus tiny shop glazing bars are also from this High Street.

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Hazle Ceramics
Flower Power
on Maldon
Limited Painting of 80

First issued in 2003 in various patterns and colours by Iona Driver No two are the same!

 Originally to carry goods, in 1951 the VW Combi was refitted as a minibus. Despite lacking comfort, camper vans were robust, low priced and easy to fix. In the 60s and 70s they became a cultural icon of the hippie generation and adorned album covers.

£65.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Marilyn can be glimpsed in the doorway on a brighter day!

This ancient port and market town on the Essex coast is where Thames sailing barges are moored as charter craft and also for education. Since 1882 it is also renowned for Maldon Sea Salt. There are small, traditional shops and cafes plus a few quirky ones! The town’s All Saints Parish Church has a window for the notable George Washington, a founding father and first US President. His ancestor Lawrence is buried outside.

 Round CND logo on a Flower Power sign. Started in the UK in 1957 nowadays many other similar groups campaign on Nuclear Disarmament as well.

 The Quay and St Mary the Virgin Church. Maldon looks appealing for hippies and anyone else! Far right, Thames sailing barges once took hay and straw to London for thousands of horses used in transport.

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