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The Queen at Guildhall

HM The Queen visits the Guildhall twice here, once to open a museum in 2011 and following her Jubilee Walkabout in 2012. When architect Sir Thomas Fitz died, Sir Christopher Wren finished off the building in 1689. The stone statue is of Queen Anne who reigned 1702-14.

 Schoolgirls lining the route present posies to Her Majesty on her 2012 Diamond Jubilee Windsor Walkabout.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Queen at the Guildhall
Limited Painting of 60 - Rare with Flag
on Windsor Guildhall
Photo above is this actual piece 58/60
Hazle put the Union Flag on a few last numbers, wishing she had done more!

 By the Crooked House, the 1977 Silver Jubilee drinking fountain is on the piece.

Jubilee Collection 2012

£99.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 Museum entrance - red on ceramic.

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Windsor Guildhall
In April 2012 The Queen strolled down from Windsor Castle greeting local people along the way. At the Guildhall she met the local couples celebrating their Diamond Wedding in 2012. Prince Charles married Camilla here in 2005, in this closest place to Windsor Castle that has a licence to conduct civil ceremonies. The new Museum has over 6,300 exhibits such as Bronze Age, Roman and Saxon artefacts plus textiles, maps, books, paintings and prints from Victorian to modern times.

 After opening the Museum, The Queen saw local Bronze Age jewellery and other displays. She was last there 60 years ago as Princess Elizabeth to open a then renovated Guildhall.

 Clockwork guard, as on the entrance above right.

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