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Harts and Flowers

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This model was issued in 1993, for the tea merchant in the building then. Climbing wisteria was modelled just for this Limited Mould, a 10th Anniversary piece. Painted by Julia Costin, the certificate says “From an age when not only were the shops pretty, but also the under-pinnings.” With the “ideal female shape” changing over time, these corsets appear to be from 1910-20.

 Dated 1640, Nell lived in Church Street during 1676-85 whenever the King was at Windsor Castle, once linked by a secret passage.

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Hazle Ceramics
Harts and Flowers
Limited Mould of 30
on Windsor Nell Gwynn

Nell Gwynn 1650-1687
Restored to the throne in 1660 Charles II opened a theatre in 1663, banned under Puritan rule. Orange-seller Nell became an actress there and excelled in the new Restoration comedies. Her affair with the King began in 1665 and she bore two sons. Nell was granted two houses in London and one in Windsor, where she entertained Charles. She was his only mistress to be popular with the public. When he died in 1685, brother King James II paid Nelly’s debts and gave her a £1500 pension.

 Charles II’s gardener presents him with his first pineapple, by Hendrick Danckerts in 1675.

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Portrait of Nell Gwynn by Peter Lely in 1675. 

 This whale-boned corset, tightly laced at the front, is the style Nell Gwynn is likely to have worn in the 1600s. With a conical silhouette, the bust is flattened and pushed up.

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