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The Haunted House

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The model of the Crooked House in Lavenham was launched in 2005 at the Corn Craft Signing nearby. This Halloween special is on a building that might well be haunted in real life and would be an attraction in such a tourist town!

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Hazle Ceramics
Haunted House
Limited Painting of 30
on Lavenham

 This cross-wing, all that is left of a large medieval house, was once the service area. The distorted, subsiding frame is evidence of the durability of medieval oak timbers.

 Hazle’s Lavenham Walk in 2005 at Little Hall, HQ of the Suffolk Preservation Society.


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Witchcraft Today
Often portrayed as old women in pointy hats on broomsticks (that symbolise purification) witches can also look like normal people, especially in modern culture. The runaway success of the Harry Potter tales suggests that magic is still a potent theme. The line between good and evil is often less distinct today. Witchcraft practised as a religion is known as Wicca, the old English name for witch. In Wicca the whole of creation is held to be sacred.

 Cream teas after the walk at Lavenham’s 14th Century Swan Hotel, a Hazle favourite!

 Book of Nursery Rhymes. Mother Goose may also be the European Goddess Holda, flying at night as a wild goose. Grimm’s Mother Holle has a cloak of goose down endowed with magic.

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