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Hazle’s Pottery Barn

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 The Pottery Barn moved to Barleylands Craft Village in 2004 and Hazle’s Workshop in 2005.

Marilyn suggested this in 2008 as a companion ceramic for Hazle’s Workshop 2007. Pottery painting, clay sculpture and Potter’s wheel are for all ages, with talented artists and ideas to help. Birthdays, Hen Parties and all other Family or Group events are possible. “Lasting Impressions” in clay of babies’ hands and or feet are also made here as great family gifts.

 From the late 1700s, this listed building is well preserved inside.

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Hazle Ceramics
Hazle’s Pottery Barn
Prototype: written in gold on back
Limited Painting 50: Only c20 made
on Grantham LE1000
Birthplace of Margaret Thatcher
First UK Woman Prime Minister

 Large, intricate clay sculpture of an iguana created at the Barn.

£75.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Part of the Pottery Barn for ceramic crafts. If there is a free table, Hazle will sometimes sign ceramics and certificates or paint a few Hazle Ceramics here. Potter’s wheels, a glazing booth, kilns and a casting area are at the back.

 Potter’s wheel instruction for two US girls. Experienced potters are free to go it alone.

 Hazle painting in the evening in 2005, with Chris and Marilyn.

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