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Hazle’s Workshop

 At Barleylands Craft Village, Hazle’s Pottery Barn & Workshop fill the building seen right.

 This late 1700s listed building is well preserved. The plaque is on the left wall above the fascia.

Marilyn suggested the Workshop for this last Collectors’ Club piece. Hazle draws on the far left, while in the big window Iona paints, Cara glazes and Carol casts. Accountant Adrian is at the top, with Hazle’s partner Stephen and painter aka Club Secretary Judy in the centre. The model of Margaret Thatcher’s birthplace portrays another pioneering woman’s calling!

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Hazle Ceramics
Hazle’s Workshop 2007
One-off prototype with a unique interior plus blue window frame
1 from LP150 with brown frame got £220 in Hazle’s Archive Sale
on Grantham LE1000

£150 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Part of the Pottery Barn for hobby crafts. If there is a free table, Hazle will sometimes sign ceramics and certificates - or even paint some ceramics. Potters’ wheels, a glazing booth, kilns and the casting area are all at the back.

 Hazle Ceramics sit cooling by the big red kiln. Most are painted in homes. Six of this one are seen bottom right.

 Hazle adds gold to “Carols by Candlelight” at the Barn in 2005, watched by Chris and Marilyn.

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