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The Heraldry Centre

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Issued 1990, Banbury was one of the first seven models. Hazle often used features from several buildings then, as here. Heraldic shields are painted like this in St George’s Chapel and Hall at Windsor Castle. The College of Arms is at 130 Queen Victoria Street in London EC4, just south of St Paul’s Cathedral.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Heraldry Centre
Limited Painting of 80
on Banbury

 Marilyn finds a gated entrance in Bridge Street. The gable and right door seem to be from here.
 In Parsons Street The Reindeer Inn has gates dated 1570 and the model’s dormer window. Cromwell had a base at this inn during the English Civil War (1642-1651). Marilyn can be seen calling Hazle.

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A coat of arms has a shield over the motto and two supporters. The helmet above has a wreath and crest. 

Heraldry & Coats of Arms
Once a cloth coat worn over armour with arms sewn in to tell friend from foe, shields are the most important part. By the late 1300s heralds compiled records, now at The College of Arms. Professional heralds authorised by The Queen now assign new arms to eminent people or groups. They also assist with Royal and other official ceremonies.

Canterbury’s Heraldry Centre has shields on the outside. 

 Banbury inn sign. The Fyne Lady who rides a White Horse to Banbury Cross in the nursery rhyme may be Celia Fiennes. She rode through every county in the 1600s and wrote a famed travel journal.

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