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His Master’s Voice

In 1899 artist Francis Barraud painted his late brother’s terrier Nipper listening to his master’s voice on an Edison phonograph. The latter weren’t interested, so record makers The US Gramophone Company purchased it and asked Baraud to paint an 1888 Berliner wind-up turntable over the phonograph! Both are on the ceramic. With the HMV name still going strong, did Edison miss something?!

 A later model of the cylinder phonograph that Edison created.

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Hazle Ceramics
His Master’s Voice
Limited Painting of 30
on Windsor Thames Street

2009 Cyber Ceramic

£75.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 The final painting. With his master’s voice solely recorded on Edison cylinders, Nipper could not hear it on this play-only turntable!

 A 1977 US postage stamp marking Edison’s first machine that both recorded and played.

HMV History
A UK Gramophone Company began in 1897. Its first HMV shop opened at 363 Oxford Street in London from 1921. Many owners later, Hilco UK bought HMV in 2013 with 125 shops and reopened the first above. In 2015 HMV passed Amazon for physical music sales on DVDs, Blu-Ray, CDs and LPs. It also offers music downloads, computing items and more, including fashion.

 HMV records started in 1909 in the UK. This early UK black label at under 1p would fetch far more today! Boxed Edison cylinder records came to an end in 1929 as play-only discs cost a great deal less to mass produce.

 Part photo before the Edison was painted over. They didn’t want the picture and said, "Dogs don't listen to phonographs."!

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