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Homer’s Donuts

Celebrating Hazle’s and The Simpsons 20th! Creator Matt Groening satirises “working class, blue collar America”. Homer once sold his soul to the devil for a donut! A judge released him as he had pledged it to Marge on a wedding photo and hence was not in a position to sell. Homer is in heaven here in his own, very precisely painted, donut shop.

 Many in the large, quirky supporting cast get their own episode. The series holds a Guinness World Record for celebrities on an animation show. UK guests include J K Rowling, Stephen Hawking and Tony Blair.

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Hazle Ceramics
Homer’s Donuts
Limited Painting of 20
on Sidmouth

 All the family characters are on the ceramic, including the cat on the roof, hiding from the dog.

20th Anniversary 2010 Painted by Michele

The Simpson Family
Homer works as a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, at odds with his buffoonish nature. Wife Marge is an American housewife stereotype. Son Bart is a 10 year old rebel, whilst Lisa is a precocious 8 year old activist. Baby Maggie mostly “speaks” by sucking a pacifier. The dog is Santa’s Little Helper and the cat is Snowball II. Episodes examining the bonds of this dysfunctional family find they love each other. Homer especially attracts psychological and cultural analysis in the press. His annoyed “D’oh!” is now in the Oxford English Dictionary - without an apostrophe.

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Promoting the 2007 Movie, Homer appeared by the chalk Cerne Abbas giant in Dorset UK, near Chris and Marilyn’s, upsetting some locals! 

 The Hollywood Walk of Fame star was in 2000. Other awards include 25 Emmys and 26 Annies. This longest-running US sitcom, animated and primetime show was also Time’s Best 20th Century TV Series.

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