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James Smith & Sons

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“Behind every silver lining is a big, black cloud!”
The quintessential British shop for our weather! World-famous for umbrellas hand made in the basement, this store founded in 1830 is still in the family. James Smith also make walking sticks and folding sports seats. The ceramic shows the corner of the shop on New Oxford Street in London. The fascia title is painted in black and red like the real shop front below.

 This Victorian shop with original lamp is on Sidmouth’s Market Place. In the Gliddons family for over 100 years, Marilyn recalls the hardware store with items outside.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Umbrella Shop
Limited Painting of 30
on Sidmouth


£74.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

Hand Made Umbrellas
The first James Smith is shown left. An expert can create an umbrella in 25 minutes, minus the cover which is now made of nylon. Slots are cut into the stick for the springs that are fashioned by hand. A Fox metal frame is attached and the umbrella is tested. Finishing touches include silver bands and decorative handles made of coloured marble, silver or wood.

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Top centre: The nostalgic interior of James Smith. 
Right: Ladies’ cream and white frilled parasols. 

Golf Umbrellas. 

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