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Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen

Jamie Oliver MBE, FRCGP born 1975
Cooking from age 8 at his parents’ pub The Cricketers at Clavering in Essex, he is now a world brand. Jamie is an honorary Fellow of the Royal College of General Practioners (MDs) for tackling childhood obesity in his acclaimed School Dinners Campaign on TV.

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 Fifteen disadvantaged youths train as chefs each year. It began in 2002 on TV’s “Jamie’s Kitchen” at 15 Westland Place, London N1 above. Fifteen’s in Newquay and Amsterdam are partner companies.

Hazle Ceramics
Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen
Limited Painting No 13/15
Window by Chris McAllister
on London Penhaligon’s
Rare model - under 100 cast

 Jamie verve! An unscripted entry as sous chef on a River Café TV documentary in 1997 led to his “Naked Chef” hit TV series and book.

£95 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Fifteen trainees wear chefs’ white hats while professionals wear black, seen in the photo right.

 The wood-fired oven in Fifteen’s main restaurant is used to create distinctive flavours and textures.

 The ceramic shows this restaurant counter. The blackboard offers “Amazing Antipasti”.

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