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The Queen’s Headscarf

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This Windsor building moved to the River Thames in London where £hundreds could be charged for lunch and a riverside seat for the Jubilee Pageant! As a companion to The King’s Head original, the name was to be The Queen’s Head. But it now reflects Her Majesty’s liking for headscarves - especially when horse riding! There is more 22ct gold than on the original, with EIIR in the central window and a gold crown under the main one.

 The Queen planting the first oak of a 20 acre Jubilee Wood near her home at Sandringham, Norfolk in -11C degrees!

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Hazle Ceramics
Queen’s Headscarf
Shared Painting of 60
on Windsor King’s Head

Jubilee Collection 2012

£57.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 One Thames pub created these iced Crown biscuits. Coronation chicken was likely on offer somewhere, with more details in Jubilee B&B!

 The Gloriana Jubilee Rowbarge’s oarsmen were lead by Steve Redgrave, with gold medals at five Olympic Games.

River Pageant Details
The specially made Jubilee Rowbarge headed a seven mile flotilla of 1000 steamers, ships, canoes and other vessels from across the world - with free public entry by application. One yacht was also at Queen Victoria’s 1897 Diamond Jubilee. Music included the first floating bell tower, the London Philharmonic and fanfare trumpeters. Big screens lined the route for this largest river pageant in 350 years.

 The Queen and other Royal Family on the Spirit of Chartwell barge.

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