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Just William

The Coat of Arms for William’s 18th birthday is on the wall with further info in the text box. A prep school cap and his date of birth are on the fascia. Windows depict a motor bike, a helicopter, rugby, skiing, hockey, clay pigeon, basketball and football. William wears No 2 shirt in the same polo team as his father and brother.

An example of couture millinery. They also sell casual ladies’ hats. 

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Hazle Ceramics
Just William
Limited Painting of 29
on London Lock’s

 William at Polo 12 July 2007, by Phooto.

Just William
Once in the Household Cavalry Blues and Royals, William is now a Sea King pilot in RAF Search & Rescue on Anglesey island, Wales. The couple have a rented cottage there. William is the patron of the Tusk Trust in Africa, and he proposed to Kate in Kenya. The mortar board and the red college scarf represent his 2:1 geography degree at The University of St Andrews.

Royal Wedding Set 2011

All lettering is by Hazle

Sold In Set £107.50

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 William’s Coat of Arms, 2010 by Sodacan. Royal Monogram derived by Glasshouse, 2011. 
St James Palace London, Office to William & Harry since 2009. Photo by Tony Hisgett, 2010. 
Sea King RAF Rescue helicopter.
Photo by Marcusroos, 2008. 

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