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Kate’s Party Pieces

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Like the real Party Pieces, this store stocks everything for a Royal Wedding street party.The ceramic shows Kate’s date of birth, the sapphire engagement ring made for Princess Diana and a frog prince! Kate met William at St Andrew’s in 2001 and a University cap sits over books. She has a degree in Art History.

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Hazle Ceramics
Kate’s Party Pieces
Limited Painting of 29
on Cambridge Art Nouveau

Kate Middleton at the Procession for the annual Order of the Garter Ceremony at Windsor Castle in June 2008, from Wikipedia Commons.

Royal Wedding Set 2011

All lettering is by Hazle

The Party Pieces Website
Kate’s parents Michael and Carole were originally flight attendants. Her father later became a flight dispatcher. In 1987, as a mother of three, Carole founded online Party Pieces. Its great success is believed to have funded their children’s private schooling. The whole family now works here with Pippa, Kate’s sister and Maid of Honour, and her brother James, who writes the site cookery blog. After working as a fashion buyer for Jigsaw in London, Kate joined this business several years ago.

Sold In Set £93.50

 In the rural county of Berkshire, Party Pieces’ own call centre is within this 200 year old barn, the picking room is in a converted cow shed and their huge warehouse is in a converted hay barn.

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Summer at Party Pieces. 

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