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King’s English

King’s English was the former shop of The King’s School, Canterbury. Alumni include William Harvey who first described blood circulation and Christopher Marlowe. Born in Canterbury, in his short life Marlowe became more famous than Shakespeare. The city’s only theatre bears his name.

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Hazle Ceramics
King’s English
Limited Painting of 200
With 22 carat gold title
on Canterbury King’s

 Hazle with collectors in 2010.

£37.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 Marlowe 1564-93 was a dramatist, translator and poet. In 2016 a 23 international scholar team with intricate computer analysis named him the co-writer of Shakespeare’s three Henry VI plays. The 2016 edition of New Oxford Shakespeare gives co-writers for some of the other plays too.

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 Marlowe’s most famous play.

 The King’s School gate. Begun by St Augustine in 597AD, it is the world’s oldest. In 1541 King Henry VIII created 50 King’s Scholars and the modern name. Marlowe was a KS, 1579-1581.

 The shop at 28 Palace Street. Dickens’ quote on the fascia of “a very old house bulging out over the road...” is from David Copperfield 1849 that was partly set here. Above the door it says, “formerly the Old King’s School Shop circa 1647”.

 On right side of shop, a 1600s UK carving of a US Native from local links to The Mayflower ship.

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