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Paddington’s Lost & Found

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Featuring a London Station at the 2010 London Event, this links the Lost & Found nature of Paddington Bear with Hazle Ceramics first and only Lost Luggage! A few of many PB depictions are shown here, along with the most treasured possessions that Paddington is likely to lose...

 Paddington and Aunt Lucy keep in touch via postcards. In England she causes chaos much like PB! His Uncle Pastuzo is a very rich globe-trotter.

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Hazle Ceramics
Lost & Found
Limited Painting of 20
on Pateley Bridge 2

20th Anniversary
Painted by Michele

£135 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 A forlorn arrival from Peru in Lost Property at Paddington Station in London waits to be claimed! The Browns take pity... and in return this small bear brings mayhem and laughter into their lives!

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 On a London trip with Mr Gruber, PB is mistaken for the tour guide!

The Story of Paddington Bear
Made an orphan by an earthquake in Darkest Peru, Pastuso is raised by his Aunt Lucy. Before she goes to the Home for Retired Bears in Lima, he is sent off to England as a stowaway upon a ship’s lifeboat after learning to speak English. Mr and Mrs Brown go to Paddington to meet daughter Judy. They cannot resist PB’s label request, taking him home to greet their son Jonathan plus housekeeper Mrs Bird at 32 Windsor Gardens. He is renamed, given the age 1 and two birthdays every year - just like The Queen!

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