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West Malvern Post Office

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The model came out in 2001, sadly the year the real shop closed. Issued in 2008, this version is based on how it looked in the 1970s. On our visit in 2007 the owners still lived above but were selling up, with the store due to become a flat.

 The West Malvern Dairy here in 1910. The girl on the left used the Post Office when in her nineties!
View over two counties from the first-floor living room in 2007. 

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Hazle Ceramics
West Malvern PO
on Malvern

 The building with its Dutch gable is from 1850. The white door was the cafe entrance. This 1976 photo has the wood frontage Hazle modelled in the 1990s. It has since rotted and could not be fully replaced.
Don and Ivy outside in 2007. 

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In 1976 Worcestershire & Warwickshire Life did a feature with this drawing of the former shops. 

Ivy & Don James
Moving here in 1976 with their two sons, Ivy and Don left for a bungalow nearby in 2007. As well as running the Post Office and Stores, they also built a cafe - the white door on the right. Along with other diners, from 1982-92 Ivy cooked lunch for 28 pupils from the local primary school.

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