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Paddington Bear’s Tearoom

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BBC cameraman Michael Bond created Paddington Bear in 1958, who was found at the railway station. PB survived the long journey from Darkest Peru on one jar of marmalade, or orange jam. He always has a marmalade sandwich under his hat for dire emergencies! The Tearoom is found at 32 Windsor Gardens in London, a real address without No 32!

 32 Windsor Gardens is home to the housekeeper Mrs Bird, Mr and Mrs Brown, Judy, Jonathan and PB.

Paddington’s Home & Family
The roomy, semi-detached house with back garden in Notting Hill is run by the kind but strict Mrs Bird. Henry Brown, who works in the City of London, treats PB as one of his own and never loses his temper with him. Mary Brown helps PB and looks on the bright side of his mishaps. The children are intelligent, well-behaved and love PB, unlike their humourless neighbour Mr Curry. Aunt Lucy in Peru is a mother figure who visits and exchanges postcards with PB.

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Hazle Ceramics
Paddington’s Tearoom
Limited Painting of 20
on Portsmouth

20th Anniversary 2010
Painted by Michele Bland

 Paddington joins Samuel Gruber in his antiques shop on Portobello Road for elevenses each morning. PB stops to buy cakes along the way. A close friend and confidante, Hungarian Mr G is an immigrant too! He takes PB, Judy and Jonathan on days out.

£85.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 In 2010 PB & Golden Shred linked to, “save the British Breakfast”. Dated 1864, at present 14 million jars are sold every year. Since King George V in 1933, it has held a Royal Warrant.

 My Book of Marmalade for Paddington’s 50 years in 2008.
Action Medical Research funds a broad range of UK work. 

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