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The Mikado

Issued by Hazle in 2011, The Mikado is a comic opera with story and libretto by Gilbert and music by Sullivan - the ninth of 14 works. Opening in 1885, it is still the Savoy’s most frequent musical and also one of the most popular of all time. Gilbert’s use of a foreign setting allowed him to satirise British politics and institutions more freely. This ruse appears in several other G & S operas.

1885 lithograph “Three Little Maids From School” with cast of Pitti-Sung, Yum-Yum and Bo-Beep. (Licence: PD-ART.) 

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Hazle Ceramics
The Mikado
Limited Painting of 30
on Northampton

 Facade of London’s Savoy Theatre in 1881 (Licence: PD-ART). Designed by C J Phipps, architect of Northampton’s Royal Theatre - on which this ceramic is based.

Poster by Chris McAllister

The Mikado
When the Mikado decrees flirting to be a capital offence, people in Tipitu make elderly Ko-Ko Lord High Executioner. He is on death row for flirting but can’t behead himself! Nanki-Poo, the secret son of the Mikado, loves Yum-Yum. As she is promised to Ko-Ko, he threatens suicide in despair. The Mikado wants an execution, so Ko-Ko tells Nanki-Poo he can marry Yum-Yum for one month and then be executed. As Yum-Yum would be buried alive, she declines! So Ko-Ko sends them away to marry and sets-up the mock execution of Nanki-Poo. The Mikado arrives to learn his son is dead! To save his own life, Ko-Ko marries old Katisha - who was pursuing Nanki-Poo. Finally all ends happily ever after...

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 1919 poster. Richard d’Oyly Carte built the Savoy, first fully-electric theatre, to produce G & S operas. The company finally closed down in 2003. (Licence: PD-ART.)

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