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The Mummers Play

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 This Grade II listed pub at 22 Fleet Street is owned by Greene King. The original Cock built in 1549 on the other side was demolished in 1887 and much was moved to this new one.

This theme was inspired by Iona’s 1980 school play St George and The Green Knight, the latter played by the punk Slasher! The main action is a wooden sword duel with a Hero versus a Fool or Foe. One is cut down and a quack Doctor restores life with a drug. Iona removed the figures on every London Tavern ceramic at the greenware stage, then added those from her own hand-pressed moulds.

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Hazle Ceramics
Mummers Play
Limited Mould of 20
on London Tavern
Hand made modelling usually has a few tiny nicks and rough edges

 Opposite Temple Church now famous for, “The Da Vinci Code”.

20th Anniversary

£65.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

A mounted Metropolitan Police Service officer outside Buckingham Palace, London in 2005. 

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 Mummers in Street Theatre.

 The Green Knight invites King Arthur’s Round Table to trade blows to test his court, in a 1375 poem. Sir Gawain beheads the Knight, who is Lord Bertilak and picks up his own head! Left, he acts to behead Gawain but just scores his neck for dishonesty!

 St George is a popular play hero.

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