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PO with Michael Jackson

Born in August 1958 at Gary, Indiana, he died in June 2009 from an overdose of the powerful anaesthetic propofol at his home in Los Angeles. Michael was the most awarded artist ever, which included 13 Guinness World Records.

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Hazle Ceramics
PO & Newsagent
with Michael Jackson
on Malvern

 With the Reagans at The White House in 1984 for a Drunk-Driving Campaign and ironically an award for his substance-abuse work. Amidst a controversial life, Michael was a peace activist and a philanthropist. Here he wears his signature white sequin glove, military style jacket, white socks and black loafers. Sony were releasing seven posthumous albums, from 2010-20.

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 His 1975 solo album Forever at age 16.

A Short History
Michael made his debut at 5 years in 1964, as lead singer and youngest of The Jackson Five brothers. He later alleged his father had bullied him. His solo career began in 1971 and Michael went on to produce 10 studio albums. With 110 million copies, Thriller in 1982 is the best selling album of all time. He had four other best-sellers. Michael also created iconic dance routines such as The Robot and Moonwalk.

 Michael was proudest of this. He donated it to the James Bulger Balloon Centre for children bullied or with learning problems. The murdered 2 year old was a UK fan and this was played at his 1993 funeral.

 Rehearsing in the days before he died, 40 more sell-out shows had been added - for over a million people. A film and album have since been released.

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