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The Nutshell Bistro

Issued at the Collectors’ Day in 2008, with the bar measuring just 15 x 7 feet The Nutshell is in the Guinness Book of Records as the Smallest Pub in England. It has another record for holding 104 people and a terrier dog!

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Hazle Ceramics
The Nutshell Bistro
Rare Blue Frontage
Only two with word Bistro and painted Vine in entire Nutshell series of hundreds
Painted by Michele Bland

 This Grade 2 listed building at 17 The Traverse in Bury St Edmonds is Victorian and it dates from the mid 1800s. It is timber-framed and has a single room on each of three floors.

 Sweat shirts with “Smallest Pub” are sold. The model’s top left window has the dried black cat that hangs over the bar! Found inside a wall, it is a good luck token!

£95.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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The Smallest Pub?
The Nutshell has served customers jostling for a place at the bar since it began offering beer in 1867. Now a major tourist attraction locally and worldwide, The Nutshell serves some of the region’s finest ales. It also has a bar with historical items, photos and much more memorabilia.Other contenders for this coveted name include The Smith’s Arms pub near Dorchester... The story says a former blacksmith was granted a licence by passer-by King Charles II who thirsted for a glass of porter!

 The Nutshell is tied to the Greene King Brewery, also in Bury St Edmunds. A museum, shown above, adjoins the brewery and traces the age-old world history of beer-making.

 The blue tit with a yellow breast and the great tit below peck at the coconut.

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