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Palace Street Poulterer

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 The Medieval Banquet in London.

Hazle has always wanted to model a poulterer and Palace Street once housed one with this name. Product freshness had to be checked by smell and touch! The Three Kings is a fitting title for a Canterbury inn. Taverns were often run by monks, including on roadsides, but many preferred the less expensive home-brewed ale on sale in houses.

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Hazle Ceramics
Palace Street Poulterer
Limited Painting of 50
on Canterbury Conquest
Unique Altered Mould of 50
With Hand-pressed Add-ons

 Thomas Becket’s four Cathedral killers lodged above at Conquest House in 1170.

No 2 of Christmas Set from 2009
All Modelling & Painting by Hazle

£135 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 1930s MacFisheries with much poultry.

 The Poulterer by F D Bedford from The Book of Shops, 1899. Some poulterers opened on Christmas morning, depicted by Dickens in A Christmas Carol.

 Wild boar sow and piglets in Sussex. UK boars were hunted to extinction in medieval times but are numerous today.

 A Poultry Dealer by Vecellio, Titian’s cousin.

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