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The Patisserie

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Issued in 2001 the model is from Hay-on-Wye, a small Welsh town with 39 used book shops and a Literary Festival that Hazle attends. A population of 1500 swells by 100,000 for the annual 10 day event!
As sugar and dried fruits became widespread in the mid 1700s so did pastry shops. Chef Antonin Carême brought a French influence in the early 1800s, as reflected in this patisserie. Painter Sharon Stroud retired with only 14 pieces out of the 50 painted.

 Earlier view of Chattels.
The narrow street makes it difficult to take the whole building, which faces north.
A photo from 2007 where Chattels Gifts has expanded into the adjoining shop. 

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Hazle Ceramics
The Patisserie
Limited Painting 14/50
on Pateley Bridge 1


£62.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 Brighton Pavilion’s Banquet Hall. In 1817 Carême’s banquet here for the Prince Regent had 100 dishes!

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Antonin Carême 1784-1833
Abandoned aged 10 during the French Revolution, he ended up cooking for European Royalty including the Romanovs, Napoleon and the Prince Regent. The first chef to sell cookery books, he founded “haute cuisine”. His patisserie was created as an architectural art-form.

Cooking for Kings: a book with recipes about Carême, the first celebrity chef. 

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