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The Pawnbroker

Many of Dickens’ novels refer to pawnbrokers and his Sketches of London No 35 is a full article. The Circumlocution Office comes from Little Dorrit, set in 1820s London. The famous quote on Annual Income from Mr Micawber is reversed on the ceramic for some Christmas happiness, not misery! This debtor from David Copperfield was based on Dickens’ own father.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Pawnbroker &
Circumlocution Office
Limited Painting of 50 with gold
Pawnbroker title clear on ceramic
on Bury St Edmunds Inn
Once a Pawnbroker in real life!

 The pawnbroker values a widow’s jewels. Children wait with items, perhaps from drunken parents. On the ceramic the lady weeps whilst handing her child a handkerchief.

 The Italian bankers Lombard brought loans secured on pawned goods to London. The Sign of Three Balls, once gold coins, indicates a 2:1 chance of redemption - at high interest rates!

Dickens Xmas 2011 3/3
Windows by Christine McAllister

Little Dorrit
Much is set in the Marshalsea a London debtors’ prison where Dickens’ father John was held, with a sign to it on the ceramic. William Dorrit’s children grew up inside before he was freed. Riches lost include a Ponzi-type bank scam. The Circumlocution Office is Dickens’ biting satire on Government. This never has answers and is rife with chaos that is forever a thwart to any progress. As a counterbalance, the love and devotion of Amy and other virtuous souls shines through and reaps its reward.

£95.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Little Dorrit aka Amy played by Claire Foy in a BBC TV series from 2008.

 On paper-strewn spiral stairs, Robert Hardy as Tite Barnacle in the Circumlocution Office. Forms are needed to fill in more forms! BBC TV.

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