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A Potted History
A barber on Jermyn Street, Turkish Baths next door inspired William’s first scent “Hammam” in 1874 and he opened his own fragrance shop. He also became the Barber & Perfumer to HM Queen Victoria and her Court. Destroyed in the 1941 Blitz, the shop re-opened here in Covent Garden in 1975.

 This Covent Garden flagship at 41 Wellington Street was rebuilt in early Georgian style in 1872. Royal crests for Princes Philip and Charles are over the door. Fans also include Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and once Winston Churchill.

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Hazle Ceramics
LP30. 22ct gold title clearer on ceramic. Painted on own store.
on London Penhaligon’s
Rare model - under 100 cast

 In clear glass ribboned bottles devised by William, today’s 34 scents also form the basis of a big range of men and women’s toiletries.

£135 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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Penhaligon’s Philosophy
“Fragrance is like liquid emotion. It unlocks our memories and opens up doors.” The finest rare ingredients include, for example, hand-pressed bergamot and jasmine at twice the price of gold. “Blenheim Bouquet” was created for the Duke of Marlborough in 1902 and is still a bestseller.

 Like the seven other London stores, No 41 with its fragrance testing table recreates the opulence of William’s era.

 William and son Walter’s recipes are still used. Field-fresh English Fern is from 1910.

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