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Police Station

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Issued in 1999, the model of the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street is sold there. Many private eyes start out as policemen but this ceramic has the reverse happening! Apart from a few Victorian Post Offices with the title of Police Station, this is the only known painting.

 Built in 1815, 239 Baker Street was a lodging house from 1860-1934, like the one Sherlock “lived in” at No 221B.

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Hazle Ceramics
Police Station
Limited Painting of 80
on London Sherlock

 A hearing at Bow Street Magistrates Court in 1808. By its close in 2006 numerous famous people had been tried including Casanova, Oscar Wilde, London’s Kray twins and Chile’s General Pinochet.

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With Free Postage

Police History
Crimes were once reported to local constables. In 1749, as Magistrate of Westminster, the novelist Henry Fielding began the Bow Street Runners. In 1829 Robert Peel founded London’s Metropolitan Police. Countrywide forces formed during 1837-39. Poor working conditions gradually improved. Photography from the late 1800s, fingerprinting from 1901 and DNA testing in 2001 have created great advances.

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