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PO News/Ashes Win

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This piece was originally for England’s 2009 Ashes win at The Oval (but can equally apply to the team’s 2011 win in Australia.) Marilyn’s brother was a spectator at The Oval on the penultimate day! Currently run by the ICC, the Marylebone Cricket Club or MCC was the governing body of cricket from 1787-1993.

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Hazle Ceramics
PO News/Ashes
on Malvern

 The building with its Dutch gable is from 1850. The wooden front shown in this 1976 photo and modelled by Hazle in 2000, has a modern replacement now.

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 The Oval, Kennington was a cricket ground from 1845. The Pavilion was completed in 1898.

The Ashes of 1882
When Australia first won on an English ground, The Sporting Times ran an English cricket obituary (far left) saying, “The body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”. Later at Melbourne during the 1882-83 winter tour, local women gave English captain Ivo Bligh an urn of ashes. This was donated by his Australian widow to the MCC in 1927. The urn was never used as a trophy. Since the 1998-99 series, the winners receive a large Waterford Crystal replica.

Original fragile urn, that may hold a burnt cricket bail or ball, in the MCC Museum at Lord’s, London. 

 1882 English cricket obituary that began The Ashes series with Australia.

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