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World War I Post Office

Marking the start of World War 1, 4 August 1914, with a poppy, two British soldiers aka Tommies knee-deep in mud partly caused by shell craters and UK War Minister Lord Kitchener. One of his Recruiting Offices is upstairs. The Royal British Legion received a donation for every ceramic sold.

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Hazle Ceramics
World War I PO
Limited Painting of 30
on West Malvern

£62.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 This famous poem is printed over an image of World War 1 graves.

 A World War I hospital in Scotland run by women.They were an important part of the war effort, that included working in lethal munitions factories and replacing men in other vital roles at home.

 The Imperial War Museum said this was a recruitment poster in 1917 — but it never was. However, with it being really iconic and well known, Hazle just had to reference this.

 The most widely used poster with Lord Kitchener, newly designated as the War Minister from 1914.

 A US Navy poster that shows the truly global reach of World War I.

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