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Prezzo Pieces

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This year the Italian restaurant chain Prezzo had ceramics painted for new branches such as Chelmsford. The Prezzo pieces are set into walls along with those from Hazle’s standard range.
Where possible Prezzo restores historic local buildings, as shown below. Hazle’s models are thus ideal to portray them.

 Built before 1730, there is a photo of the whole building at 89 Jermyn Street on the Floris page in London West.

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Hazle Ceramics
Prezzo Style 2
Limited Painting of 30
on London Floris

Our local Prezzo on Salisbury High Street is a row of three medieval timber-framed houses. Subsidence has caused the overhanging upper storey to dip down on the left. Much of the original interiors are intact. 


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Designed by Chris McAllister
Former fashion illustrator and Hazle Chief Paintress 1992-2003, Chris is good at painting people. She came out of retirement to paint every Prezzo window. Hazle regards anything done by her as very collectable. Most designs have been limited to 30, with those going to Prezzo counted but unnumbered. Hazle has chosen her favourites and numbered the few left in each design for collectors. It is rare for “corporate ceramics” to be sold on the open market.

 Pizza tossing in front of the stone pizza oven as depicted on the ceramics.

 Prezzo favour contemporary interiors that blend with the period buildings.

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