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Issued in 2011, this charming shoe shop features the 1600s French fairy story by Charles Perrault, the most famous tale of animal as helper in Western folklore. The cat appears in panto, ballet, film and songs.

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Hazle Ceramics
LP20: Only 5 painted
on Lavenham

£125 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 Cowboy boots for President Truman flamboyant enough for Puss-in-Boots!

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 Puss-in-Boots stops the King’s carriage to get assistance for his master the “Marquis”.

The Story of Puss-in-Boots
A miller’s youngest son inherits a cat who wants boots! He catches rabbits for the King from the “Marquis of Carabas” for months. The King and his daughter ride in a carriage and Puss tells his Master to undress and walk into the river. Puss stops the coach to say the Marquis’ clothes are stolen. Attired by the King, the Master rides with him. Puss tells the local folk to say that he is the Marquis. Puss kills an ogre and gives his castle to Master. The King then offers his daughter’s hand to the “Marquis” and Puss becomes a Lord...

 Greek terracotta boots 900BC for a cremation burial. The earliest known leather boots are Armenian, c5500BC.

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