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Pussy Cat Palace

By Carol Whaley who depicts her 10 cats here and is a volunteer at Pussycat Lodge. On a visit to Portsmouth in 1988 to see King Henry VIII’s newly-raised ship the Mary Rose, Hazle found the building/s for this model. Marilyn and Chris located them in 2006 from her brief details: “a short drive away and semi-derelict”. Not the latter now!

 This elegant terrace dates from the late 1700s to early 1800s. The model is largely based on 51 St Thomas’ Street in the centre, whose two shallow bow windows have frieze mouldings. Features from the adjoining houses are No 50’s triangular doorhead on the left and the hipped roof from No 52’s attic window on the right.

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Hazle Ceramics
Pussy Cat Palace
Limited Painting of 30
on Portsmouth

£94.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 Feral Woody lives in garden and heated shed.

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Pussycat Lodge
Thirty years ago in London’s East End, Jennie Hurley’s young son found a sealed box of kittens left to die. Today her garden has 6 heated pens for 25 adults and a mum and kittens unit for 4 families. Many cats can be re-homed but some residents are feral cats who live in the garden and a large heated shed. Others wander into the house which often has more cats than people! The lodge is run with donations.

 Left: the railings and basement, a few streets away in Jubilee Terrace.

 Part of old Portsmouth from Spinnaker Tower. The St Thomas’ Street houses above are circled.

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