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The Queen’s Rat Catcher

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Painter Iona’s husband, a Victorian expert, suggested this theme. Sold here as “Pure”, dog poo collected in the East End by women and children aided hair removal when tanning hides. Iona models the added rat cages, dog and upstairs signs by hand. Sprats were a cheap food. In the 1900s ballad sellers, who often sang too, sold one-penny songs and other tracts - sometimes of a lewd nature!

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Hazle Ceramics
The Queen’s Rat Catcher
Limited Painting of 30
on Melton Mowbray

 From 1750, in 1851 this is the town’s first and now last bakery of Melton Mowbray pork pies.


£79.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

Jack Black, Rat Catcher
Henry Mayhew spoke to Jack Black, employed by Queen Victoria, for one of his essays on London Labour. Black bred unusual colours as pets. The Queen kept a fancy rat and Beatrix Potter was a likely client. Black also bred ratting terriers, with gambling on rat baiting rife. As he had a daughter, Iona portrays the Victorian ballad of “The Rat Catcher’s Daughter” who sold sprats on the first floor.

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 Queen Victoria in coronation robes, 1838 by Sir George Hayter.

Jack Black in 1851. 

 Beatrix dedicated “Samuel Whiskers” to Sammy her fancy rat, “the intelligent pink-eyed representative of a persecuted (but irrepressible) race and affectionate little friend, and most accomplished thief”.

 By artist Kate Greenaway, The Pied Piper rat catcher lured children away when unpaid. In 1248 young people really did leave Hamelin for East Europe.

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