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Roaring Twenties

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Inspired by a painting in a series of one-offs by fashion illustrator Chris McAllister in 2003. In the 1920s people discarded constricting clothes and wore “sportswear” for the first time. The ceramic door says Flappers Paradise. This look fully emerged in 1926 with a flattened bust and hemlines rising to the knee or above until 1928.

 Life magazine cover 1927. The “new” woman sought out work, study, politics and pleasure. But marriage and children were still promoted by society as the ideal.

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Hazle Ceramics
Roaring Twenties
Limited Painting of 50
on Cambridge Art Nouveau

The Roaring Twenties
In the wake of World War I 1914-18, this era saw a break with traditions. The advent of cars, planes, movies and radio made all things seem feasible via modern technology. Music and dancing flourished in the Jazz Age and Art Deco peaked.Wall Street invested heavily in European war debts, keeping economies afloat as consumer markets for US mass-produced goods. The roar came to an end with The Wall Street Crash of 1929 which was followed by the Great Depression of the 1930s.

20th Anniversary 2010
Painted by Doreen & Carol

 1926 beaded evening dresses. Ruffled skirts were ideal for Charleston kicks. By 1929 right, lower hems with uneven lines were “deceptive”!

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 Styles in the mid 1920s. Bobbed hair fitted under cloche hats, shown in first-floor windows.  Eton Crop & Marcel Wave on Art Deco cover.

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