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Rods ‘n’ Reels

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Issued for the very first Cyber Signing in 2004, the painter Carol Whaley looked at fishing magazines to research authentic kit and brand names for sea and freshwater sport. Seven were painted on London Curiosity just before the model was retired in 2005.

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A fly fisher wading for wild trout in Nine Mile Water on the Test in Hampshire. This world renowned chalk stream is THE birth place of modern fly fishing and features in all of the great fishing books. 

Hazle Ceramics
Rods ’n’ Reels
Limited Painting of 15
with the Sidmouth model
on London Old Curiosity
Only Prototype on model

£95.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Dated 1567, this is a very rare survivor of the famed Great Fire of London in 1666. Dickens lived nearby in the early 1840s and often walked past this shop on Portsmouth Street, then part of the Care Market area.

Recreational Fishing
“The Compleat Angler” by Isaak Walton from 1653 is still regarded as a defining work. For both competition and pleasure, the rules may often prohibit nets or non-mouth hooks. Catch or tag and release can be required too. Big-game fishing by line for tuna, shark, marlin and other species started with motorised boats circa 1897. Trout tickling and fishing by hand, aka noodling, or with kayaks is also recreational.

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