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Rupert Bear and Friends

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Issued for the 2010 Canterbury Event, as this is where creator Mary Tourtel lived. A children’s illustrator and the wife of The Daily Express editor Herbert, she devised a brown, initially unnamed Little Lost Bear. Since 1920 the newspaper has run a Rupert cartoon. They cut ink expenses by making Rupert white! In addition to books, the bear also now appears on TV, film and computers.

 The Rupert Bear Museum in Stour Street, Canterbury.
 The first Rupert Annual in 1936 is far left. He is always brown on the cover and white inside, except in 1973 when Rupert was white outside too, shown right. Only 12 covers in 1973 had a brown bear and these now sell for £20,000!

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Hazle Ceramics
Rupert Bear & Friends
Limited Painting of 20
on Hay on Wye

Rupert Bear and Friends
A small path on the ceramic wall leads to Rupert’s home in Nutwood, with his scarf pattern on the right wall. Rupert’s errands turn into adventures in magical lands. When he returns home Mrs Bear is very understanding. Main windows portray some characters, from left: Mr Bear, Rupert, best pal Bill Badger, Algy Pug, Podgy Pig, the Pekinese cat Pong Ping and dog PC Growler. Edward Trunk is a friend too, shown as the Steiff figure right.

20th Anniversary 2010
By Carol & Hazle

£79.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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