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Rupert & The Snowstorm

Mary Tourtel from Canterbury was the wife of Herbert, an editor of The Daily Express. Since 1920 it has run a Rupert Bear strip, created by illustrator Mary. By Alfred Bestall, famous Rupert writer and illustrator from 1935-63, this 1960s story also represented that decade for the 50th Annual in 1985. Much scenery is from Snowdonia where he holidayed. Fan Carol still has her old Rupert books.

 1. Rupert falls in the snowstorm, then a cloud forms over the pagoda and vanishes.

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Hazle Ceramics
Rupert & Snowstorm
Limited Painting of 20
Rupert No 2 - Winter
on Hay on Wye

20th Anniversary 2010
Painted by Carol Whaley

£52.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 2. Inside Tigerlily, her Conjurer father and the Sorcerer hear of Rupert’s errand.

 3. Tigerlily reverses the Sorcerer’s silly spell on Rupert’s boots with a magic broom.

Potted Plot: Read First!
Mr Bear is not well and Mrs Bear sends Rupert for medicine. On returning he is swept up in a snowstorm. A cloud forms over a pagoda and vanishes, with snow all around. This pagoda is friend Tigerlily’s home. She takes Rupert to her father’s friend the Sorcerer, who travels in that cloud! He finds Rupert ever so inquisitive and casts a spell on some new boots that stop Rupert walking home! Then Tigerlily brushes the bootprints with a broom and undoes this magic. So Rupert finally gets back, but has lost the medicine! Tigerlily saves him again with a phial for Mr Bear.

 4. A magic potion gets Mr Bear feeling better than ever - then everyone is happy!

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