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Ski Chalet

 A magical mountain village with luxury chalets.

This has it all - a skier on a snowy mountain with blue sky and a colourful, well-stocked store. Ski Chalet is a real kit brand. With a Surf Shack in 2008, Marilyn proposed this for 2009. Nordic wood carvings depicted skiing around 5000BC.

 Carving a turn on piste. Alpine or downhill skiing has fixed-heel bindings at both toes and heels.

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Hazle Ceramics
Ski Chalet
Limited Painting of 30
One-time theme portrayal
on Bath Abbey Green
Original price was £99.50

£85.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Nordic skiing includes downhill, cross-country, and ski jumping, with free-heel bindings at toes.

 Ladies stop to view the scenery.

Developed within the US in the late 1960-70s, this was initially inspired by skateboarding, skiing and also surfing. Designated a Winter Olympic Sport in 1998, the board is attached to feet using specially designed boots with a flexible binding. Winter sports venues were far quicker to adopt snowboarding than ski resorts, but most allow this now as a financial boost. Many have half-pipes, jumps and rails so that riders can perform tricks.

 Olympic snowboarder in a semi-circular ditch or half-pipe. Other types are big air, dry slope, racing, freeride, freestyle, freecarve and boardercross.

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