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Suffolk Crafts

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Issued in 2003 as the Sun Inn, once lodged in by Canterbury pilgrims. It is now a Starbucks with the Cathedral Gate Hotel above.
This LP30 was designed for the Suffolk Signing by Sharon Stroud who has retired. Only 14 were painted before Sharon left.

By the site of a Roman gate in the city walls, this hotel on Burgate overlooks The Old Buttermarket, a venue for street music, with a pub of the same name. 

 Built in 1438, the hotel has original oak beams, sloping walls and views over Canterbury Cathedral. Christchurch Gate, main entrance to the Cathedral precincts, is on the left.

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Hazle Ceramics
Suffolk Crafts
Limited Painting 14/30
on Canterbury Burgate


Marilyn and some of the pet sheep we help with. 

Lavenham in Suffolk
Queen Elizabeth I visited in 1578, such was Lavenham’s status in the wool trade. The town exported its famous blue broadcloth to far-flung places including Russia and Catherine the Great. By the 1800s its weaving industry declined due to cheaper competitors. Now tourism is a source of income. In 2005 Hazle held a Guided Walk there. With over 300 listed buildings it was a treat!

£84.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 Textiles from Suffolk Craft Society.

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 Lavenham’s Wool Hall was taken apart for US export and rebuilt after protests! Since 1963 it has been the back of The Swan Hotel.

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