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Surf Shack

Issued at the 2008 Collectors’ Day. This is clearly part of a chain store housed in period buildings along the North Devon and Cornish surfing coasts! On the ceramic O’Neill and Rip Curl make surfing kit and sponsor surfing contests and Kahalua, a Mexican coffee-flavoured liqueur, is also a sponsor.

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Hazle Ceramics
Surf Shack
Limited Painting of 30
on Bath Abbey Green

£85.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 “The Cribbar” that Newquay’s Cribbar reef causes a few times each winteris also “The Widow Maker” for its extreme danger. © Franck Gaugherot/SWNS

 Big wave surfing in Hawaii.

Potted Surf History
After Captain Cook’s visit in 1778, Europeans following on brought disease and vices to Hawaii. In 1821 missionaries banned Polynesian traditions such as surfing! Hawaii’s Duke Kahanamoku and Californian George Freeth revived this sport from the early 1900s. 1960s films, including Gidget about a female surfer, plus Beach Boys songs created huge and continued interest.

 The surf ambassador Duke on a US stamp in 2002. Surf boards have become shorter, lighter and also better shaped so the surfer can get in the “curl” of the wave and ride in the “pipe”.

 In Polynesia the best surfer became Chief! There were rules on how to build a surfboard, how to predict good surf or convince the Gods to make it good. A hotel is named after King Kamehameha, seen above in the Hawaiian village of Kailua, Kona c1800. By Herb Kane.

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